There are 3 big problems with Business Intelligence today. So, naturally, we developed our DWaaS to solve them.

Problem 1:

Visualizations get all the attention

First, we focus on getting your data right

We think long before you can make things look shiny and cool, you should make sure they’re organized, accurate, and smart. So we focus on getting your data right first, and then letting it get pretty.

Problem 2:

One-size-fits-all, canned, BI strategies and solutions

Everything we do is custom

We think canned solutions taste about as good as canned soup. E.g. Have custom logic? We’re the best way to apply it and maintain it.

Problem 3:

Business Intelligence is now too complicated to be a one-man show

We've got you covered

There are so many skills that need to come together to build a strong BI platform – Coding, Modeling, Problem-Solving, Communication, Project Management, Hardware, Software. Put simply: There is just too much to know for one person.

Our DWaaS has all of those skills – so your analysts can get back to doing what they do best. With years of experience building world class data warehouses on the best hardware and software, we’ve got the whole thing covered.