Powering LavaSurf’s New Reporting Interface

The Client

Founded in 2012, LavaSurf is a Utah-based SaaS company that helps multi-unit brands manage and scale their social media efforts. Lava Surf’s platform effectively provides the ability to manage, monitor, and optimize social media, reviews, and local listings for all locations in a centralized dashboard.

The Pain

LavaSurf set a goal to revolutionize its SaaS offering by creating a new user interface that would allow clients to see their individual Facebook page performance.

The source of LavaSurf’s data troubles was Facebook’s practice of storing data in JSON format (JSON is difficult to read and ultimately unusable without a more advanced data warehouse solution). LavaSurf could access this data through the Facebook’s page manager services, but LavaSurf couldn’t easily aggregate this data to measure or share the collective performance of their pages.


The Solution

LavaSurf decided to go the DWaaS, Moxie signed up for the Xerva platform. We immediately took Moxie through our five-step process.

Discovery: We sat down with LavaSurf to assess their goals, needs, and current data sources and reporting tools. We made a plan to help them accomplish their goal to create their own client-facing user interface using Facebook JSON data.

Extract: We created a data warehouse and connected it to LavaSurf’s Facebook pages.

Transform: We created a custom solution so that LavaSurf’s JSON (profile, location, and post) data is extracted into a relational database where it can be queried.

Reporting: For visualizations and reporting, we recommended LavaSurf use Power BI. Once we had Power BI connected to the data warehouse, we helped get adoption by providing training. We then helped them embed their Power BI client reports into their new user interface.

Monitoring: We host LavaSurf’s data and perform routine audits and maintenance to keep things running smoothly.


The Results

-LavaSurf can now organize reports by company and franchise data

-LavaSurf can now track aggregate Facebook data (reach, likes, unique impressions)

-Xerva enabled LavaSurf for the first time to create a user interface for their clients

-Xerva meets all of Lava Surf’s data warehouse personnel needs, eliminating the expense of hiring new ETL developers