Hey, what's DWaaS and how does it work and where did the Joker get those scars?

We can help you on those first two, but the last is a mystery for another time. DWaaS is an acronym that's fun to say and even more fun to watch at work. It stands for Data Warehouse as a Service and it's what we've poured our blood, sweat, and root beers into for decades. Here's how DWaaS gets it done:

Step 1: Discover


We do a deep-dive discovery process to completely understand your custom needs.


Step 2: Clean Up

Clean Up

We centralize, denormalize, clean up your data, and apply your business logic to the whole shebang.


Step 3: Organize


We organize your data so that every employee, every report, is pulling from "one version of the truth."


Step 4: Refresh


We create a data refresh schedule, so that everything is always up to date and up to speed.


Step 5: Visualize


You can access all of this gloriously organized and intelligent data with the visualization tool of your choice (heck yes we work on all of 'em).

We think our best work is getting you the data that allows you to do your best work. And we're sick of chaos getting in the way.

Are you in?