The only BI team you'll ever need.

Behind every exec who knows all the numbers is a BI team who whispered sweet data nothings into his ear.

That's us.


And we’re not here to hit it and quit it. We believe strongly that in order for BI to change your company (and bottom line), short, quick engagements are never the answer.

We’re so sure that this is the best way that we’ve created a price point that supports long term commitments.

How do we know? Well, for starters, all of our developers have more than 5 years of experience and many have up to 15. Collectively we’ve seen it all. So you can trust that not only are we experts on the industry, but we’re experts on your data and your strategy goals.

In a nutshell, we’d put our BI team up against any BI team, any day.

Proud partners with Microsoft and Tableau. We mean business.


Your company is not our guinea pig.

Here are a few of the companies we have taken to the next level.

The Xerva Way

Our secret sauce is creating teams made up of the 3 essential people needed to actually develop a fast, cost-efficient, specialized BI solution:

  • An Architect
  • An ETL Developer,
  • And a Report Writer

You can call them the dream team. It’s okay, we do.

Our team approach provides the resources you need, whether starting from scratch or augmenting an existing team.

Already have a report writer? Then we’ll just do the backend work and discount our rate accordingly.

The craziest part? Not only is our team-based approach the fastest way to develop a BI solution, this 3 person team costs less than the price of one traditional consultant.


That sound you just heard was your mind blowing
and your business getting one step closer to data
that changes everything.

Distance makes the heart (and work) grow fonder.

We understand that many people have had less-than-stellar experiences with remote projects, but it’s our mission to change that for you.

How? A few handy, transparent, we’re-here-for-you ways:

Project Management

We follow best practices, so you never have to worry about the status of your projects again.

Project Tracking

Every project is tracked through a project management system (Trello) that you can access at any time.

Easy Communication

We use one point of communication so you’re not managing individual developers. This way you can focus on what you do best (your company strategy) and we’ll support that vision by managing the team.

We’ve built over 30 data warehouses from scratch this way, so we feel pretty great about it. If you’re outside of Utah, even though we won’t be on site full-time, you will get plenty of time, attention, and visibility.

Sounds pretty good, huh?
Scroll a little further for the final shebang.


"Consultants are just here to bill high
and don't really care about the company."


If you just thought, “True!” then we’re excited to prove you wrong. If you thought, “False,” then you’re probably a past or current client (hi!).

Our BI pricing will not be undersold.  It including project management, HR and benefits, developer software, and communication software. The problem—besides that one developer is not nearly as efficient as our team—is that over the last 5 years the average cost per BI Developer has risen from $88K to 110K, and salaries continue to skyrocket.

By hiring our team you get a loyal service provider, not an employee who is jumping from company to company as the next big offer rolls in. Bonus: we don’t even require location or travel costs as our work is done remotely for clients outside of Utah.


To review: costs down, profits up. Any questions?

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